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Why should you use professional #Joomla templates http://t.co/mdKGHK2NE6. Get 30% discount on @templatemonster with the code Digital-Peak
@OttoHeck the name of the plugin is plg_dpcalendar_gcalendar. It is part of the package, but has to be installed extra
Released GAnalytics version 3.2.3, which fixes the broken installer package. Just install the new version over the old one. #Joomla
Do you have problems to update DPCalendar?We proposed a fix for #Joomla http://t.co/LXgaIU8yzL. Please test it and comment in the tracker
Released DPCalendar 4.0.12 with some minor bug fixes.The "No events" htaccess issue is solved too.You can update trough the #Joomla updater.
@Wordjoy you should work with template overrides instead of changing source files
Released DPCalendar 4.0.11 with some minor bug fixes. You can update trough the #Joomla updater.