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@jshongoDesign to upgrade, just order the new subscription. For the remaining days of the old one the diff will be subtracted from the price
We are happy to announce that we removed the backlink in the free version of DPCalendar. Time to upgrade to 4.1.1!!
Released DPCalendar v4.1.1 with some minor bug fixes and updated translations. You can update as usual trough the #Joomla updater.
RT @joomla: Joomla! 3.3.4 Released http://t.co/LokGY5EKZi #joomla
Released DPAttachments v2.1.4 with a minor bug fix in the blog layout view. You can update as usual trough the #Joomla updater
@blombo probably you are affected by this bug http://t.co/larM9jOfH7. It will be shipped with the next Joomla release.
Released DPCalendar 4.1.0 with tons of new features. No space to name all of them here :-) You can update trough the #Joomla updater.