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@wederuijter we will provide a migration path. But not decided how as com_fields is not finaliced yet.
DPCalendar (created by a Swiss guy) is number 64. This element was detected by a Swiss guy. Coincidence or fortune? https://t.co/s6sQASX7Hi
@philiplocke you can ask at https://t.co/4XsevX9Zgs or with a subscription at https://t.co/hNphBjT57t.
Interested how DPCalendar integrates your Google calendars into @Joomla, check out the demo here https://t.co/EThG6nD1Vp.
RT @jandbeyond: [Development] "Custom Fields in #Joomla! for developers" by @laoneo at #JaB16: https://t.co/LahOVcoM1h https://t.co/tYduvxE
@MIT5O5 can you help out here https://t.co/Vpx4fBDUXm? Is this option gone in @Joomla 3.5?