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RT @laoneo: Any #Joomla extension out there which overrides core classes trough JLoader? Get in touch with @laoneo as we need to do some te…
Just released version 5.6.5 of DPCalendar, you can check out the downloads and release notes here https://t.co/DO2u2zpk9q #Joomla
@MIT5O5 when custom elements will be there it will support them as well. But it's plain PHP 😋
Nice, DPCalendar 6 will come with out of the box support for BS2/BS3/BS4/Uikit2. No workarounds or overrides are needed anymore!
Was a pleasure, especially with the positive feedback from you guys! Always interesting to see how #Joomla is used… https://t.co/jHajdAE7cS
RT @puneet_kala: Want to help #Joomla #GSoC team?, become a mentor https://t.co/vSB7RXxd9l we need your help.
Huge THANK YOU to all who bought a subscription from us to show their appreciation for the custom fields feature in #joomla 3.7!